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    The world because I am different


    Vistart has the responsibility to serve the country by its industry and truly serve the customers employee and the society.

    Vistart is engaged in technological innovation committed to its cause and public welfare converys enthusiasm to move the world.

    Vistart was established on May 15 th, 1999, coming along the way, vistart has become a large –scale professional shaft manufacturer with its products selling all over the world.

    Up to now, we have more than 500 employees and more than 20% of them are specialized technical personnel.

    Vistart has kept improving its production technique and its products quality has taken the lead in the world; in compliance with TS16949 quality management system and ISO/14001 environment quality management system, our management all do great actions.

    Keeping expand its selling scale all over the world, Vistart has established marketing channels all through the world, and become to be a designated supplier for fortune 500 customers in Europe, America and Asia.

    Adopting world class quality standard, Vistart has introduced a great number of advanced production equipment and techniques from countries such as Japan and Germany; we have more than 500 types of products that are widely used in fields of household appliances, cars, electric tools and mechanical driving.

    For us, past achievement means greater enterprising enthusiasm, more concrete devotion to our cause and greater social responsibility.

    Specialty is strength! As a shaft itself, Vistart will bring unlimited power for our social development with its most professional product quality.

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