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    The company spirit of "people-oriented, science and technology leading, quality supreme, customer service" business philosophy, the company regards human resource as the first resources, efforts to build open and competitive environment of choose and employ persons.

    Enterprise goal: create a good team with high quality and high cohesion; Create an efficient and high-quality name enterprise

    Enterprise tenet: to provide the best products and services for the customers

    Business philosophy: people first, science and technology leading, the quality and service customers

    Market positioning: high, fine, pointed axle products service market

    Company logo

    Six rotating arrows and two firm equilateral triangles demonstrate vistart’s strong cohesion force and dynamic force. Vistart’s logo shows the brand characteristic of solidity and vigorousness to the greatest extent and delivers vistart’s brand culture to the world.


    Vistart integrated with our brand characteristics. The word Vistart is made up of 3 parts, namely V means victory, VIS that means vigor and START that means starting point and origin.

    Victory is the eternal pursuit of vistart.Vistart deems that victory is multi-dimensional, not only enterprise needs to succeed itself, but also for both employee and customers, in the mean time to create value for society.

    Vigor is a talisman for vistart to keep its enterprising enthusiasm. Vistart is committed to its cause and conveys its brand spirit all over the world.

    Origin, start means every footprint of success is only a new start. For every employee in Vistart, we will keep struggle in spite of achievements and glories we have obtained, together with our enterprising enthusiasm.

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